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W0W® is proudly developed by KosmodeHealth Singapore, a spin-off of the NUS Food Science & Technology Department.

Our Mission 

Enabling Access to Health From Nature

We have one mission to expand access to health from nature by impacting two industries — the agri-food and biomedical industry. This is made possible with our three core technologies, as well as an amazing team of food technologists & scientists.

Our People

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Florence Leong

Co-Founder & Director

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Prof. Huang DeJian

Co-Founder & Lead Scientist

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KosmodeHealth is a deep-tech start-up, born out of the National University of Singapore’s Food Science & Technology Department. We are incorporated with ONE mission to expand access to health from nature by impacting TWO industries (Agri-food and Biomedical) with THREE technologies. 

We apply our 1st & core plant extraction technology to valorise food processing wastes such as Spent Barley Grains into functional ingredients & foods to address the challenge of achieving functional food sustainability to meet the nutritional needs of the Asian aging and diabetes population within the Agri-food industry. W0W®noodle, the world’s only functional food with zero glycemic response, is an example of functional food developed to enable blood sugar control without compromising the pleasure of eating for the diabetes patients. As a business enabler to the Agri-food industry, KosmodeHealth provides contract plant extraction and food waste valorization services, sale of valorised functional ingredients and functional food premixes.

Protein isolates valorised from food processing wastes is formulated into Plant Protein Composite (PPC®) bio-ink, the 2nd technology. Our 3rd proprietary 3D Printing Technology enables the customized printing of 3D scaffold to create the optimal growth environment required by different cell types. As a business enabler to the biomedical industry, KosmodeHealth provides contract services in the customized printing of 3D scaffold and sale of PPC® scaffold for tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, drug discovery & development and cell based meat applications.

Do contact us for more information.

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