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W0W® noodle is a product of KosmodeHealth Singapore, a start-up founded on scientific expertise accumulated by A/P Huang Dejian - Deputy Head of the Food Science and Technology Department of National University of Singapore. 

WHY was w0W® formulated?

Diabetes Epidemic  |  Growing Population  |   Ageing Population

The exploding aging global population has heightened food security and sustainability concerns.

The problem in Asia is greater; an aging population with a high prevalence of diabetes. Asia's staple of high-starch rice and noodles, together with an increasingly sedentary lifestyle are contributory factors.
Nutritious staple food high in fibre and protein that does not contribute to the increasing incidence of diabetes is needed.

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The Best of All Worlds: the only high fibre protein noodles with 0 Glycemic Response

W0W® noodle is a clean label, natural, fully plant-based food

A Zero Waste, Sustainable Product

W0W® is produced from barley protein and fibre powder up-cycled from spent barley grains, a waste-stream of beer and malt production. No plants are damaged, no additional waste was generated during W0W®'s production.


W0W® is healthy for you, and healthy for the earth.


Product of KosmodeHealth

In addition to plant extraction and functional food formulation expertise, KosmodeHealth also produces Plant Protein scaffold, for 3D cell cultures, with up-cycled proteins.

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