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  • Are there any allergens that I should take note of?
    Yes. W0W® contains upcycled wheat & barley, both of which contain gluten. Those with the following allergies should avoid W0W®: - Wheat - Barley - Gluten
  • Is W0W® halal-certified?
    As a plant-based natural product, W0W® is halal-certifiable. However, we're still in the midst of getting the official certification. Subscribe to be the first to know when we've been certified!
  • How can I prepare W0W®?
    W0W® is a fresh cooked noodle. Which means it can be eaten straight out of the bag! Just rinse it and toss it with some sauce and you're good to go. It can also be stir-fried, boiled, or otherwise cooked just like regular noodles. The best part? It never gets soggy! No starch = No soft overcooked noodles. Check out our recipes here if you're a little stuck:
  • Where is W0W® produced?
    W0W® is locally produced in Singapore by KosmodeHealth, a deep-tech startup that is a spin-off of the NUS Food Science & Technology department. It was specially developed to meet the nutritional needs of the diabetic & ageing population in Asia, as well as address the issue of food security in Singapore.
  • Why is W0W® brown and can the colour of W0W® be changed?
    Yes, with artificial food colouring, we can easily change the colour of W0W®. However, we formulated W0W® with human health at the forefront of our minds. We intentionally developed it with no added chemicals, preservatives or colouring to preserve its integrity as a functional, clean-label product. Hence, our noodles come only in the natural brown tone of spent barley grains!
  • How do I store W0W®?
    W0W® is a fresh food product with no added chemicals or preservatives. Hence, it has to be stored in the chiller upon receipt.
  • Where can I buy W0W®?
    W0W® is currently available physically at the Health & U Pharmacy at NUH Medical Centre, #01-31, 5 Lower Kent Ridge Rd, Singapore 119074! W0W® is also available online. You can purchase directly from us on our website (here!). Someday, we'll be available at health food stores all across Asia!
  • How many portions of W0W® noodle can I consume in one day?
    W0W® was formulated as a solution to starchy Asian staple foods. While the recommended serving size of W0W® is 100g, you can consume W0W® in accordance with your personal preference and appetite. P.S. W0W® can be rather filling due to it's high fibre content so if you're unsure, just start with a 100g portion first!
  • Can W0W® be taken as a meal replacement?
    W0W® was formulated as a solution to starchy Asian staple foods. Consumers can safely replace their favourite starchy noodles or rice with W0W® but make sure to pair it with other foods to meet your daily dietary needs!
  • Is W0W® noodle suitable for children and elderly?
    Definitely! W0W® is a clean label functional food so it is suitable for individuals of all ages.
  • What is the minimum shelf life upon delivery?
    We guarantee that our W0W®Noodle has at least 7 days of shelf life.
  • What is the nutritional content of W0W®?
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