About W0W™ noodle

Are your products vegetarian/vegan friendly?

Yes, they are. Our products are tested on willing humans and do not contain any animal-derived ingredients

Are there any allergens I need to be aware of?

W0W™ contains wheat and barley.

Is W0W™ noodles halal?

Unfortunately we have yet to be Halal-certified, but we are on our way to getting there!

How do I prepare W0W™ for consumption?

Upon removal from refrigeration, simply rinse the noodles in running water. The noodles are ready to be eaten as it is, or you may cook them as you would with any noodle product.

Is W0W™ suitable for Keto diets?

Yes! W0W™ noodles do not contain carbohydrates/ is low in carbohydrate content, hence is highly suitable for the Keto diet.

Where is W0W being produced?

We believe in contributing to achieving the ‘30 by 30’ goal set for Singapore, hence our W0W noodles are produced wholly in Singapore.

Nutritional Questions

What protein(s) are you using in your products?

The protein content in W0W™ is naturally derived from Spent Barley Grains.

Is W0W™ noodle gluten free?

No it is not, W0W™ comprises gluten-containing cereals such as wheat and barley.

Can I use W0W™ noodle as meal replacements?

You may replace your favourite carbohydrates (rice, noodles, pasta etc) with W0W in the same portion size.

How many portions of W0W™ noodle should I consume in one day?

The recommended serving per portion is 100g. The actual serving serving is however highly dependent on the appetite of individuals. There is no fixed number of portions to be cosumed per day. W0W™ can be consumed in place of any noodles or staple food.

Is W0W™ noodle suitable for children?

Yes, as long as they are able to consume solid foods. W0W™ is suitable for individuals of all ages.