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Celebrating 6 years with KosmodeHealth

Updated: Apr 3

Look how far we’ve come in just a few short years!

24 November 2022 | We’re 6! To commemorate our 6th anniversary, the team got together to host a small gathering with our nearest and dearest. Invited were our partners, investors, and supporters who helped us over the years, and brought us to where we are today.

It was a day filled with laughter and smiles as attendees got to know one another, as well as reconnect with old friends over a delightful lunch complete with W0W®. Other food prototypes designed to cause 0 blood sugar spike like W0W® were also offered during the session. All were extremely well received by attendees and many asked whether they would be available on the market soon!

Our brand ambassador, Emmanuel Stroobant, also baked a healthy yet delicious vegan chocolate cake for us to enjoy. Afterall, what’s a celebration without a cake?

We are most grateful to everyone who took the time to join us on this special day, as well as for their continual support over the years.

Once again, many thanks to our friends, partners, and investors for taking the time to join us to celebrate this special day. Looking back, we’re so proud of how far we’ve come in just a short few years.

We are most grateful for the continual support that you have lent us over the years, and we would not have been able to reach this milestone without you. Here's to more achievements together!

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