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CNA | Sense & Sensibility

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

How does a third-generation sugar maker contribute to the war against diabetes?

KosmodeHealth is proud to be one of the startups under Innovate360, working to disrupt the food industry with valorised functional food products, and contribute our nation's the war against diabetes.

In Singapore, a disproportionate amount of the population suffers from diabetes. This number is almost the highest amongst all developed countries across the globe, second only to the United States. In view of this, John, the third-generation sugar maker from Cheng Yew Heng sugar factory kickstarted Innovate360 (that's OUR incubator, by the way!) to contribute to protecting the nation's health, amongst other endeavours. Find out how John is revolutionising the food industry in CNA's recent feature, Sense & Sensibility!

Watch the full episode with Innovate360's John Cheng through here:

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