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CNA | Startup University

Updated: Jul 13

Discover some of the best & brightest startups in our local market today

The video above is a snippet of the full episode of Startup University, specially focusing on KosmodeHealth. The episode was featured on CNA on 10 August 2022. You can watch the full feature here:

In this special CNA feature, discover how NUS has helped budding entrepreneurs realise their ideas and form them into tangible products and services for the last two decades. These vibrant start-ups nurtured by NUS not only serve to improve lives here in Singapore; Their impact reaches well beyond our nation's shores. Watch on to meet the minds behind the latest innovations in our market today.

KosmodeHealth is proud to be one of the amazing startups being nurtured and developed by NUS Enterprise today. Our achievements would not have been possible without the kind support of the institution.

Brought to you by National University of Singapore.

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