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KosmodeHealth at the Agri-Food Technology Expo Asia (AFTEA '22)

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

KosmodeHealth Singapore: Showing off our latest R&D efforts and discoveries at Agri-Food Technology Expo Asia 2022.

28 October 2022

As part of NUS Enterprise, we at KosmodeHealth Singapore were given the amazing opportunity to showcase our work at one of the largest Agri-Food Technology events in Asia — the Agri-Food Technology Expo Asia (AFTEA). Across all 3 days of the event, the Exhibition Halls at Marina Bay Sands Singapore (MBS) were packed with people from all walks of life — trade visitors, investors, curious folks from the general public, and most importantly, the innovative businesses in the agri-food and technology space.

Special shoutout to the officials from Saskatchewan (first image) who specially dropped by to support us!

The team was most enthusiastic about the opportunity to connect with like-minded agriculture and food science enthusiasts in this huge event, and have them try out some of our latest research & development (R&D) samples. Across the 3-days at MBS, we held tasting sessions for our:

  • Valorised Bread

  • Chocolate Spread

  • W0W® Soba

  • W0W® Angel Hair

All of the R&D samples provided were developed with KosmodeHealth's proprietary protein-fibre powder, extracted from Spent Barley Grains (SBG) — a waste stream from beer & malt drink production. Happy to share that most enjoyed the taste and texture of our bread and favoured the consistency and sweetness of the spread. Our R&D Duo — Kwang Boon Tan and Xin Ying Han — who helped man the booth on Day 2 were most touched by the favourable response! In the words of Xin Ying herself — the responses at the event has fueled our resolve to make better food for the public.

Currently, KosmodeHealth Singapore is exploring methods to develop more unique functional foods like W0W® that not only elicit 0 blood sugar response, but also possesses a strong nutritional profile that will enable us to help the ageing and diabetic population meet their dietary needs.

At the moment, W0W® is the only functional food in the world made from valorised food ingredients that elicits 0 blood sugar response.


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