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KosmodeHealth awarded FVA 2021 for "Valorizing Barley Spent Grains into W0W noodles"

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Here at KosmodeHealth Singapore, we aim to go beyond.

Beyond upcycling spent barley grains for animal feed and fertilizers, to upvaluing it for human nutrition.

Beyond 0 starch and 0 GI noodles, to 0 starch, 0 GI noodles with 6g of fibre and 4g of protein to fulfil your nutritional needs.

Beyond taking care of your health, to also taking care of mother earth.

We are honoured to be awarded the Food Resource Valorisation Award by NEA for valorising SBG into W0W® noodle – the world's only 0 starch, 0 glycemic response, high-fibre protein noodle made of food processing waste streams.

We would like to thank you for your support all this while and here's to empowering health and restoring pleasure, while giving spent grains a new lease of life!

Watch Channel News Asia's coverage of how W0W® noodle plays a part in closing the food waste loop here:

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