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LianHe ZaoBao Feature: 麦糟不浪费制成盘中餐

Updated: Jul 13

Wheat grains are not wasted and made into Chinese food!

24 November 2022 | On the advent of our 6th Anniversary, LianHe ZaoBao surprised us with a fantastic coverage of what we do here at KosmodeHealth and W0W®!

Indeed, we would not be where we are today if we didn't have the support of our partners that enable us with their food waste streams, allowing us to valorise their waste and turn it into our equivalent of gold — functional food for human nutrition!

Not only are our two Co-Founders excited to see W0W® become readily available to the mass market, each & every one of us on the team are eagerly awaiting the day we see W0W® in hawker centres. Here's to better enabling access to health from nature for the everyday consumer!

For more details, read the full article below.

See the original article through here:

P.S. If you're a little linguistically challenged (like our marketing lead) or non-Chinese speaking, we've attached a translated version of the article below! Just click the download button and you'll be good to go.

LianHe ZaoBao Feature - 24 Nov '22 (Translated)
Download PDF • 2.02MB

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