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[Press Release] W0W® noodles say hello to the ketogenic community with Keto Indulgence

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

SINGAPORE — KosmodeHealth Singapore Pte Ltd — W0W® noodles teamed up with Keto Indulgence, Singapore first 100% keto-friendly cafe serving ketogenic meals & artisanal bone broth, to bring the world’s only zero starch, zero glycemic index and zero waste functional noodles to ketogenic diet consumers.

Florence Leong (Co-founder KosmodeHealth) with Calvin Yong (Founder of Keto Indulgence) and Charlie Teo (Head Chef and Marketing Director of Keto Indulgence)

The collaboration will see a series of activities to make W0W® noodles more accessible for ketogenic diet consumers. The line of activities kick-started on 7 June 2021, with the integration of W0W® Udon Noodles in Keto Indulgence’s June keto meal plan. 2 new meals - W0W® Teriyaki Chicken Balls and W0W® Teriyaki Quorn Balls salad, are now available. This collaboration marks W0W® noodle’s first formal introduction to the local keto community since its launch in February 2021.

W0W® Udon Noodle Salad Teriyaki Quorn Balls with Roasted Sesame Miso Sauce

The partnership is founded on Keto Indulgence's and W0W® noodle’s shared passion that food can be medicine, and driven by their shared goal to extend zero glycemic index nutrition through environmentally sustainable ways. Chef Charlie commented "W0W® noodle's soba-like texture and its ability to absorb the flavour of the broth and sauce it is cooked in, makes it a perfect noodle staple. Its zero starch, protein and high fibre content are ideal properties for any keto meal.”

“As a zero GI functional food, W0W® noodles was actually formulated specifically for consumers with diabetes and weight conditions. Since its launch on 1st February 2021, it soon discovered significant interest from the keto community. Keto Indulgence, with their large Keto consumer base, is, therefore, the ideal channel partner” said Florence Leong, director of KosmodeHealth Singapore, the manufacturer of the W0W® brand.

“Keto Indulgence has always believed in breaking new grounds, we are proud to be the first ketogenic cafe to bring the benefits of W0W® to our community,” Calvin Yong, the founder of Keto Indulgence Singapore, commented.

"Incorporation of W0W® noodles into our ketogenic meal plan is only the beginning, we will be rolling out more W0W® offerings in the coming month, so do watch the space,” added Calvin.

For more information, visit and @KosmodeHealthSingapore or @keto_indulgencesg on Instagram and Facebook.


About KosmodeHealth

Kosmode Health Singapore Pte Ltd, a National University of Singapore Food Science Technology Dept's spin-off, expands access to health from nature as a business enabler. KosmodeHealth extracts bioactive like protein & fibre from Agri/food waste-stream for human nutrition. Reclaimed Protein & fibre are formulated into functional food (food with nutrients) and Plant Protein 3D scaffold for Cell Culture.

W0W® noodles, the only zero starch and zero glycemic response protein fibre noodles that meet the nutritional needs of the ageing and diabetic population, is a functional food manufactured by KosmodeHealth.

About Keto Indulgence Keto Indulgence is Singapore’s first 100% Keto-friendly cafe committed to harnessing food as therapy for the body to combat the daily stresses of life using ingredients of optimum nutritional value sourced through meticulous research.

* Always consult your physician before starting an eating plan that involves regular consumption of high-fat foods


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