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[Promotion] Exclusive Diabetes Awareness Month Promotion

This month, we’re expanding access to diabetes care across our nation with an exclusive deal.

Did you know that in Singapore alone, there are over 700,000 individuals that have diabetes? This number is expected to rise to up to 900,000 by 2045. To put things into perspective, that’s 15.1% of our entire population today!

On the 11th month of every year, we celebrate National Diabetes Awareness Month — a month dedicated to educating more people about the severity of diabetes, and the importance of managing and supporting those that live with this condition.

Why is National Diabetes Awareness Month important?

Diabetes is an extremely serious health condition. However, given that it is all-too-common today, many who are unfamiliar with this condition are desensitized and unaware of the dangers of diabetes.

Most understand diabetes to be a disease that affects blood glucose levels. However, not many are aware of the implications — unmanaged or badly-managed diabetes could lead to serious health complications such as heart attack, heart failure, stroke, kidney failure and coma.

For those with loved ones who have this condition, you would already be aware that people with diabetes require ongoing care, monitoring, and support to manage their condition. However, across the world, millions of people with diabetes do not have access to proper diabetes care — this relates not just to medicine or social support, but also to ample nutrition to ensure that they lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

This year, to do our part in expanding access to diabetes care, we’re offering our subscribers an exclusive promotion — receive up to 2 packs of free W0W® (U.P. $14.12) whenever you order our A Month of W0W® Bundle.

  • Receive 1 free pack of W0W® with every purchase of A Month of W0W® Bundle using our exclusive code — NDAMNOV22

  • Opt for one-time delivery to receive another additional free pack of W0W® as part of our one-time delivery special

Just quote NDAMNOV22 at the checkout page (under ‘notes’) to redeem this offer! This exclusive promotion ends on 30 Nov 2022.

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