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W0W® Noodle Sampling at the 3rd Annual HASH Innovation Asia Summit 2022

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Our take on innovating, collaborating & globalizing for a sustainable economy

W0W® was proudly presented alongside the Float Foods’ Vegan Tamagoyaki at the Annual HASH Innovation Asia Summit 2022! Attendees were treated to an exciting live cooking demonstration by Float Foods’ Executive Chef, Martin, at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel where the event was held. We were most heartened to see the attendees enjoying our noodles and building connections over great food.

W0W® Soba topped with beetroots, furikake, & Float Foods' latest vegan tamagoyaki!

Chef Martin getting that W0W® nice and hot for sampling!

Garnishing the W0W® with some furikake to complete the meal

Our CEO and Co-Founder, Florence Leong, was also invited to speak at the event and share her thoughts on the future of food alongside Kelvin Ng, Executive Vice President of Float Foods. The two traded insights on how organisations can innovate and utilise food technology to meet the consumption demands of today’s consumers and discussed how businesses can:

  • Explore production in food alternatives to meet rising global food demands: Protein-based, plant-based, fermented food

  • Discover investment opportunities & challenges in agriculture & food technology business

  • Improve business success from R&D to commercialisation through PPP, food security & sustainability strategies

Our Co-Founder Florence Leong, showing off our W0W®!

“W0W® is a unique food solution that doesn’t cause further planetary damage in its’ production because it is made out of Spent Barley Grains, a waste stream for beer and malt drink production.”

One of the key takeaways from Florence was that businesses (and individuals!) should look towards utilising spent materials for food production. Instead of continuously taking from the Earth, businesses should look to maximise and reuse what has already been harvested. That way, we can generate food without causing further planetary damage.

More details about the 3rd HASH Innovation Asia Summit 2022 through here:


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