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Just as its name suggests, the "A Month of W0W®" consists of a month-long supply of W0W®. We’ve included 15 packs of W0W® in each bundle so there’ll be just enough W0W® for you to consume at least once a day! 


Challenge yourself to a month of healthy eating with this new bundle. See for yourself the effects of maintaining a healthy diet with a variety of foods including fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, and W0W®!


What’s in the bundle?

  • 15 Packs of W0W® Soba
  • Free Delivery! Choose between
    • Weekly Delivery — 5 packs per week, across 3 weeks; or
    • One-time Delivery — 15 packs in a one delivery


One-time delivery special

We’re passing on the savings to you! If you opt for one-time delivery or self-collection on your order, we’ll throw in an extra pack of W0W® for you. We save on delivery costs; you save the cost for an extra pack of W0W® (U.P. $6.60). 😉


Note: The extra pack will automatically be included when you select the one-time delivery or self-collection option. No extra action will be required on your part. 



W0W® is a clean-label brand. Our products are wholly plant-based and sustainably produced with spent barley grains, a waste stream generated by beer & malt production. We’re good for the people, & good for the Earth!

A Month of W0W®

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