W0W™ noodle is specially formulated for consumers with blood sugar, weight and metabolic health concerns.


It is the only functional 0 GI product with protein and high fibre, with each serving containing up to 4g protein, 6.6g fibre and 0 GI. 


W0W™ noodle strives to not only be nutritious, but tasty and delicious so as not to skimp on taste while ensuring healthy, good food for all.


W0W™ noodle is sustainably produced with base ingredient of protein & fibre upvalued from Spent Barley Grains; a by-product of malt production. W0W™ is clean label - with no preservatives and chemicals.


With a Zero GI base noodle, there is more room allowed for other sides and condiments for some guilt free indulgence!


Low GI is good, No GI is better, No GI with protein & fibre is best!

W0W™ Noodles

  • Barley Protein Fibre, Alkaline water, Wheat Gluten, Konjac Powder, Salt

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