Recipes by Emmanuel Stroobant

Easy-to-follow, delicious recipes from 2 Michelin-starred chef and W0W®'s brand ambassador, Emmanuel Stroobant!

The Emmanuel Stroobant W0W® Cooking Show

Explore W0W®'s versatility with these recipes and culinary tips and tricks from a  renowned chef!

Episode 1:

Rainbow W0W®

Pretty on the eyes, absolutely delightful for your gut – vibrant colours from what mother nature has to offer!

20210626_113716 (1).jpg
Episode 2:
Pomodoro W0W®

Sweet, slightly tart, fresh tomatoes, fragrant basil, and creamy cheese on fragrant W0W® noodles, what a treat for the senses that is sure to make your day!

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Tofu W0W®

Short on time but still want something healthy? Tofu W0W® got you covered!

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Stir-Fried W0W®

Stir-frying W0W® is not something new for most of you, and here's Emmanuel's take on it!

SVF 2021 Special


W0W® with Dashi and Mushroom (SVF2021)


Recipe specially curated for Singapore Vegan Festival Masterclass 2021