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Recipes by
Emmanuel Stroobant

Explore simple yet delicious recipes from 2 Michelin-starred chef, Emmanuel Stroobant! Discover how versatile W0W® can be, and how health need not come at the expense of flavour.

Emmanuel Stroobant
Chef-Owner of Two Michelin-Starred Restaurants, Saint Pierre & Shoukouwa

Fancy W0W Soba.jpeg
W0W® with Dashi and Mushroom (SVF2021)

A recipe specially curated for the Singapore Vegan Festival Masterclass held in 2021.

W0W Fried Rice.jpeg
Featuring familiar Asian flavours with an added twist

Uncle Roger might not approve but we sure do.

Colorful Christmas
Cream W0W® Pasta

A stunning brightly-coloured recipe to help make the holiday season merrier! Happy holidays!

A refreshing new take on W0W® featuring tomatoes

Combine the sweetness & tartness of fresh tomatoes with W0W® for a refreshing flavour explosion.

Screenshot 2022-01-26 000120.jpg
W0W® Yusheng with
Sichuan Peppercorn Dressing

A guiltless 0-sugar "yusheng" option for our diabetic friends to enjoy this Lunar New Year!

A colorful concoction, packed with fibre and flavour!

Try your hand at creating this colourful dish in the comfort of your own home!

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