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Good for the People,
Good For the Earth

Made entirely with valorised spent food ingredients and formulated to meet the nutritional needs of the ageing and diabetic populations in Asia. W0W® is the world's only functional food that elicits 0 blood sugar response.


Blood Sugar Friendly

Elicits 0 blood sugar response when consumed. Perfect for diabetics!


Gut Health

Packed with fibre and nutrients to give your gut that added boost



100% plant-based circular product made with up-cycled Spent Barley Grains.



Nearly starchless noodles with almost 0 carbs. Designed to meet the needs of those on ketogenic diets.

Clinically-tested and proven to elicit 0 blood sugar response. 


A clinical study conducted with the Glycemic Index Research Unit (GIRU) at Temasek Polytechnic proved that the blood glucose levels of test participants remained consistent even after consuming W0W®. The blood sugar response of W0W® consumers were close to 0!

Compared to regular yellow noodles, W0W® is a significantly better staple food option for those with diabetes or pre-diabetes.

Contact us to see the full study.

Nutritionally Sound

Amazingly High
in Fibre

6.6 grams of fibre per serving

A Good Source of Protein

4 grams of protein per serving

Low in

Only 32 calories per serving

Almost Entirely Carb-Free

0.8 grams of carbs per serving

Can we save 75,000 tonnes of Spent Barley Grains?

Every year, Singapore generates over 75,000 tonnes of Spent Barley Grains in its production of beer and malt drinks. This leftover "waste" ingredient is often used as animal feed or thrown into landfills as well, waste!

But as we've proven with W0W®, spent food ingredients like Spent Barley Grains can in fact be repurposed and redeveloped into food for human nutrition. Not just regular food too — spent food ingredients can be repurposed to create functional food with amazing nutritional (even medicinal!) properties.

At KosmodeHealth, our mission is to expand access to health from nature — that includes plant-based spent food ingredients like Spent Barley Grains! Join us in our cause.


Perhaps one day, we'll be able to valorise all 75,000 tonnes of Spent Barley Grains generated in Singapore annually!

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