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Upsized Nutrition

The Problem

Health-conscious consumers seeking to manage their weight and blood sugar may find it difficult to enjoy traditional Asian staples like rice and noodles. Their high carbohydrate content can pose a challenge for those with dietary concerns.

Our Solution

W0W® Noodle is the world's only functional food with a 0 glycemic response, specially formulated to help you manage weight and blood sugar without giving up delicious meals. Our improved formulation offers even more nutrition, and it will be ready in minutes with a simple blanch.


The Benefits

Our enhanced W0W®️ Noodle provides:​

  • Over 50% increase in protein (from 4.0g to now 6.0g per serving).

  • Over 50% increase in fiber (from 6.6g to now 10.0g per serving).

  • Practically zero saturated fat.

Stay Excited!

Look out for new recipes from 2-Michelin-starred chef Emmanuel Stroobant!

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