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As a chef, taste & texture are two important considerations when creating a dish. 

I like that W0W®️ noodles are starch-free*, yet have a texture akin to starchy noodles.

Best of all, it's healthy but still delicious!


Eating Poke

Discovering W0W noodles is a miracle. I eat it at least for one meal a day. I can divide one packet into 2 portions and cook it with various ingredients in multiple ways. I never get tired of it.


I have lost weight and my triglycerides is normal now. I do not need to take any medication for it.


The price is affordable and delivery is always on time.


W0W noodles are versatile and palatable, nourishing and satiating. I always feel full after eating. I have tried many other low carb noodles but none comes near to W0W noodles in terms of price and taste.

Eating Out

I am controlling my sugar and carbs intake. So I like it because 0 starch and the texture is QQ even cook in soup for long. No weird smell like some konjac noodle.


Even my young kids love it.

Green Noodles

Tis noodle here is SO CRUNCHY when served chilled/hot, it reminded me of my fave 意面! There's a mild wheat/malt fragrance in tis noodle! Tbh the noodles is totally plain/tasteless by itself, which is what makes it SO VERSATILE bcos you can add any sauce/spices that you want before enjoying! No weird/nasty aftertaste like some shirataki noodles do.


One of the most QQ, springy & bouncy noodles I've tried! Great texture, neutral flavour profile, can be eaten chilled/sauteéd/fried/boiled with your fave dressing & side dishes!

Eating Poke

Any amateur cook can dish out a wonderful dish with W0W® noodles.  It remains crunchy after boiling under high heat for a long time. It tastes and smells like yellow noodle but no carb. No guilt after eating.


Perfect to eat it with minced pork n mushrooms (Bak Chor Mee)!

Eating Out

An awesome alternative noodles for us nowadays! We always wanted our diet to be healthier and of better quality, especially for those diabetic person. The noodles are chewy soft and flavourful, perfect for dry noodle dishes.


Check out this world's first low carb, starchless noodle!

Green Noodles
Chang Chang Eat

The noodles are bouncy with a good texture, and I really liked that the noodles can absorb sauces well. Also fuss-free to prepare as there is minimal smell, unlike usual shirataki/oat fibre noodles where you need to rinse a fair bit. Prefer this way more than your usual low carb alternatives – thankful for growing alternatives in SG!

Eating Poke
The Scientific Chef

They are more springy than the usual noodles – almost like a cross between shirataki and kelp noodles.


Taste-wise, they are pretty flavourless and absorb other flavours well.

Eating Out
Clean Bento

Unlike your usual noodles, these are very bouncy and almost like shirataki noodles but softer!


Topped with tofu and loads of veggies, this has all the nutritions you need in a bowl.

Green Noodles

So crunchy. Love that just a rinse will do. Super convenient, even easier than making Maggi noodles.

Eating Poke
Dr. Joseph Mocanu

W0W® noodle is wow! It is the best tasting high protein, low carb noodles I have tasted.

Eating Out
Prof Phan Toàn Thắng

The W0W® noodle is the perfect noodle - healthy &  tasty. I would definitely recommend to my friends and relatives

Green Noodles
Darius Cheung

W0W® noodle IS EXCEPTIONAL! You will not believe this is an INCREDIBLY healthy food – taste 10x better than regular noodles!


Have some thoughts on W0W®️ to share? Leave us a review on our product listing here, take a screenshot, and drop us a note at to receive 1 free pack of W0W®️ on your next purchase! 

Stir Fry Noodles


Corrinne Teo who consistently consumes one serving of W0W® per day professes that the change in her diet has led to an improvement in her pre-existing health conditions.

"Yesterday I was given approval by my doctor to stop taking my anti-hypertension medication or to take only when needed. This is a major achievement and cause for celebration! I have had high blood pressure since 30 years old. I am now 54 years old. I have been steadily showing normal blood pressure for a time since I have been exercising daily combined with eating W0W® noodles and have lost weight without gaining it back. My dosage of hypertension medication had been halved a year ago. Now, my doctor's instruction for me is to measure my blood pressure every morning. If it reads normal, I do not need to take the hypertension medication at all. Very grateful to Kosmode to your good work!"

— Corrine Teo

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