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Refunds & Exchanges

In the rare case that an incorrect or expired item has been shipped to you, please contact us within 7-day for pickup and/or replacement as needed. No delivery fee will be charged for this service.

In the case of an error in website data, our Customer Service team will contact you to fix the error without any extra charge from your side.

Replacement or refunds for defective items will be given under the following conditions:​


  • The goods are expired upon receipt

  • The tamper-proof seal is broken upon receipt of goods or other reasons to doubt if the goods are safe for consumption*

  • Missing item(s) or receipt of the wrong goods

*If you have reason to suspect the integrity of our product, please do not consume it and contact our team for assistance. Should the tamper-proof seal be broken upon receipt of goods, please immediately refuse delivery and inform the delivery staff (if applicable); and contact our team within 2 working days of receiving your items to arrange for a replacement.

Additionally, please note that:

  • Only products purchased on may be returned for replacement.

  • Item(s) must be returned in their original purchase condition within 7 days with an unbroken tamper-proof seal.

Notwithstanding any laws or otherwise, no exchange or refund will be made for non-defective, correctly delivered products. Please contact us for any further enquiries.​

Missing Items

If your order goes missing, our Customer Service Team can assist you. Please reference your order number with all communications with us.

If a package is confirmed delivered by our logistic partners, but it is stolen or you are unable to locate it, we are unable to refund the order amount.

You will be required to sign a delivery receipt at the time of delivery.