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Updated: Dec 14, 2022

11th November 2021, Singapore

For Immediate Release


When compared to Yellow Noodles, W0W® Noodles reduced glycemic response by 94%

12 November 2021, Singapore – W0W® noodle - a 0 starch, 0 waste protein fiber noodle was specially formulated as a staple functional food to meet the nutritional needs of diabetes patients without the blood sugar spike associated with regular starchy noodles.

The Glycemic Index Research Unit, Temasek Polytechnic, conducted the prospective cross over study in 15 healthy volunteers. The study objective is to compare the Glycemic Response (GR) values of Yellow Noodles, a regular staple food (Reference Food) and W0W® Noodles (Test Food). Results of the study confirmed that consumption of W0W® Noodles barely cause any blood sugar increase (average being <0.5mmol/L) over a 2-hour duration (Fig1). When compared to Yellow Noodles, W0W® Noodles produced 94% lower glycemic response.

Figure 1. The average blood glucose response curves for Yellow Noodles and W0W® Noodles, shown as the change in blood glucose concentration from the fasting baseline level.

“Meaningful weight loss from dietary modification, as part of a healthy lifestyle, has been shown to result in diabetes and pre-diabetes remission. Unfortunately, most diabetes and pre-diabetes patients continue to have to limit their food options even with low GI food. A functional food with no blood sugar spike will be a blessing to them in restoring the pleasure of eating without trading

off the health benefits” says Dr Kurumbian Chandran, Head of Division & Senior Consultant, Division of Endocrinology, Department of Medicine, Ng Teng Fong General Hospital.

“The Asian staple diet of mainly rice and noodles is a huge issue contributing to the diabetes epidemic. A staple food that is a source of protein and fiber with barely any blood sugar spike, could be useful in the overall armamentarium against diabetes” added Dr Lim Su Lin, Chief Dietitian, National University Hospital.

In addition, the Glycemic Index Research Team from Temasek Polytechnic also tested the perceived hunger and satiety response using the Visual Analog Scale (VAS) in the 15 subjects and found no significant difference between yellow noodles and W0W® noodles. The overall palatability rating was also similar.

"Having personally witnessed the struggles of diabetes patients who have to forgo their favorite food for their health, I am elated that there is now retrospective data and prospective evidence that W0W® noodle does not trigger blood sugar spike yet is able to address the underconsumption of protein and fiber in the population” says Florence Leong, Co-Founder of KosmodeHealth. “It is also good that our consumers comments that texture of W0W® noodle is almost similar to starchy noodles is also reflected in the study result” added Florence.

——————— Media queries may be directed to: Koh Xiu Wen Head of Marketing, KosmodeHealth +65 91908587

About W0W® noodles W0W® noodles, spelled with a ‘0’ is the only 0 starch, 0 blood sugar spike, 0 waste functional food that is a source of protein and fibre. It’s based ingredient is barley protein and fiber upcycled from BSG (Barley Spent Grains), a waste-stream of beer and malt production currently used as animal feed and plant fertilizers. It is a clean label, circular free fresh noodles formulated to ‘Empower Health and Restore Pleasure’ for diabetes patients, while being ‘Good for the earth and Good for the people’. Find out more from

About Kosmode Health Singapore Pte Ltd KosmodeHealth is a startup from the Department of Food Science Technology, National University of Singapore. Anchored on a triple technology platform of plant extraction, plant bioink formulation and plant protein scaffold 3D printing, KosmodeHealth aims is to expand access to health from nature as a business enabler. KosmodeHealth’s innovation in valorization of food processing waste-stream has been recognized by the following organization in 2021:

  1. Food Resource Valorization Award 2021 from National Environment Agency innovation-video-2211046

  2. Global Health & Pharma - Best Cell Culture Development Biomedical Company 2021

About the Glycemic Index Research Unit (GIRU) The Glycemic Index Research Unit (GIRU) has trail-blazed into the foray of assessing the quality of carbohydrates in local Asian foods - a first in Asia. This is the first and only facility accredited by Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC)) to conduct Glycemic Index (GI) testing and research using Singaporeans as human subjects to develop a local GI database. For over a decade, GIRU has been providing a range of clinical nutrition research services in addition to GI testing. science/glycaemic-index-research-unit-giru.html

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