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CNA | Food for the Brain?

Updated: Jul 13

CNA's documentary 'Food To Change The World' reveals a refreshing perspective regarding food - not just for sustenance, but as building blocks in our world.

In the first episode, Chef Ming explored the variety of food that can be used to help us cope with grief, stress, depression, anxiety, etc.

Ever googled for the right food to boost your brainpower? Chef Ming got you too! Watch what he has to say as he comprehensively scrutinised the role food plays in our brains.

Well-aligned with the concept of 'Food as Medicine' which Kosmode Health firmly believes in - also the inspiration for the development of W0W®️ noodle, we immediately said 'YES' to Peggy, the CNA documentary producer, when she approached us for the feature of our W0W®️ noodle.

Tune in to CNA on 21 Mar, 9pm, to look out for our feature! ❤️

About W0W® noodles

W0W® noodles, spelt with a ‘0’ - is the only 0 starch, 0 blood sugar spike, 0 waste functional food that contains high fiber and protein. Upcycled from BSG (Barley Spent Grains) – a waste-stream of beer and malt production currently used as animal feed and plant fertilisers, W0W® noodles’ based ingredients consist of barley protein and fiber. It is a clean label, circular free fresh noodles formulated to ‘Empower Health and Restore Pleasure’ for diabetes patients, while being ‘Good for the earth and Good for the people’!

Refer to our Press Release of the Glycaemic Response Study (showing that W0W® noodles did not raise blood sugar level) here:

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