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KosmodeHealth's 2021 in Review

What a great year 2021 has been!

Standing on the shoulders of business partners, w0w noodle was launched on partners' online platform in Feb 2021 and has now expanded to our very own platform.

Despite the headwind created by COVID-19 Delta & Omicron variants, despite the absence of marketing budget, despite the constraint of the limited headcount of less than a handful, the awareness of W0W® as a staple diet that provides nutrition without the blood sugar spike associated with our Asian starch diet has grown remarkably. 

To our partners, thanks for being the "wind" beneath KosmodeHealth's wing.  To the team, thanks for taking the chance with KosmodeHealth - leaving the big established organisation to join us. To our supporters, thanks for the recognition given, the words of encouragement,  the gesture of support.

2021 has shown us that together, the human spirit of resilience will triumph.

We recognise that the journey ahead is still long & winding, that we have so much to do, to expand.

2022 - come what may, we will strive harder to achieve our mission of expanding access to Health from Nature by scaling up our production capacity and developing more functional products with no blood sugar spike, offering varieties of staple foods for health promotion.

Florence Leong

CEO and Co-Founder of Kosmodehealth

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