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When food is more than just sustenance.

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

On this Diabetes Awareness Month, we're reminded of the struggles faced by people with Diabetes.

Diabetes management is not just physical.

Yes, diet plays a huge part but I'm sure we can all agree that food is more than just physical sustenance.

The comfort it brings, the affection churned in from those who prepared it, the memories attached to each dish – food is like another love language, almost.

Unfortunately, people with diabetes struggle with finding joy in eating, for this sentiment is replaced by fear of blood sugar spikes.

Read more in this article by Diabetes UK:

That's why we formulated W0W® – a 0 starch, 0 blood sugar spike staple food with high-fiber and protein; to help restore this pleasure in eating by providing a highly versatile option that mimics your favourite starchy staples, without the starch!

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