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Chef in black Emmanuel Stroobant Becomes W0W® Ambassador

Updated: Mar 23, 2023


The Singapore chef-owner announces partnership with W0W® noodles, as part of his drive to encourage people to rethink the way they eat

14 July 2021 Emmanuel Stroobant may be best known as the chef-owner of two Michelin-starred restaurants Saint Pierre and Shoukouwa, but the vegetarian and yoga practitioner is also a vigorous advocate for children and health. Using food as the catalyst for change, chef Emmanuel is pleased to announce three new initiatives: a partnership with VIVA Foundation For Children with Cancer as its chef-ambassador; the launch of Star-Chef Academy, a cooking camp for kids; and his role as the brand ambassador of W0W® Noodles, the only zero starch, zero glycemic index, zero waste, and high fibre protein noodles in the world. The three partnerships align with chef Emmanuel’s bold vision to change the way adults and children eat and navigate their health journey.


W0W® noodles is a product of Kosmode Health Singapore, a spin-off from the National University of Singapore, Food Science Technology Department. With protein and fibre upcycled from Spent Barley Grains (SBG), a waste-stream from beer and malt production, as the base ingredients, and with no added chemicals, W0W® noodle is also a clean, sustainable, and zero-waste circular product.

As a zero-starch noodle, W0W® is specially formulated for noodles loving Asian consumers. It provides an Asian staple food that does not contribute to metabolic disorders (such as diabetes, obesity), yet provides a source of protein and high fibre – nutrients that are under-consumed in the Asian population.

“Though consumers are increasingly health conscious, taste and texture can’t be compromised. I like that W0W® noodles, though starch-free, have a nice chewy texture similar to starchy noodles, yet have the health benefits of protein and high fibre. Healthy food should not be ‘boring’ food. As a chef, I can contribute by creating simple, easy, tasty recipes and be an advocate of healthy eating. I am glad to have finally found a product that seems to have it all – good for the people, good for the earth; is versatile and easy to prepare,” shares Chef Emmanuel.

“We have found a perfect ambassador for W0W® noodles. Chef Emmanuel’s passion in contributing to healthy responsible eating is totally aligned with Kosmode Health’s mission of expanding access to health from nature. Together, we can restore the pleasure of healthy eating by combining the art of culinary science to the science of extraction and functional food formulation,” says Ms Florence Leong, Co-Founder of Kosmode Health Singapore.

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