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[CNA938] Podcast on Sustainable & Carb-free W0W® Soba Noodles

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Kosmode Health's (and our) founder, Florence, was invited to speak on CNA938's Singapore Today podcast to discuss our Sustainable & Carb-free W0W® Soba Noodles!

Check out the podcast detailing the ins and outs of what goes into our W0W® Noodle here:


For media inquiries, please contact: Dana Lee

Marketing Lead, Kosmode Health Singapore Pte Ltd


About W0W® Noodle W0W® Noodles, spelled with a ‘0’ is the world's only functional food with 0 blood sugar spike and 0 waste, while still being a source of protein and fibre. Its base ingredient is barley protein and fibre, up-cycled from SBG (Spent Barley Grains), a waste-stream of beer and malt production currently used as animal feed and plant fertilisers. It is a clean label, circular, fresh noodle formulated to ‘Empower Health and Restore Pleasure’ in eating for diabetes patients, all the while being ‘Good for the Earth, Good for the people’.

Find out more at

About Kosmode Health Singapore Pte Ltd

KosmodeHealth is a startup from the Department of Food Science Technology, National University of Singapore. Anchored on a triple technology platform of plant extraction, plant bio-ink formulation and plant protein scaffold 3D printing, KosmodeHealth aims is to expand access to health from nature as a business enabler.

Visit for more information.

KosmodeHealth’s innovation in the valorisation of food processing waste-streams has been recognised by the following organisations:

  1. Obtained the Food Resource Valorisation Award 2021 from the National Environment Agency (NEA)

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