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The ultimate list of Diabetic-Friendly Foods Swaps to maintain your blood sugars

Updated: May 27, 2023

This festive season, indulge without having to compromise your health with these 4 diabetic-friendly plant-based food recipes.

Christmas, a time for festive indulgence, familial warmth, and good cheer. When we think Christmas dinner, we think savoury smoked ham, stuffed turkey, dense sugary-sweet fruit cakes, and loaded mashed potatoes — calorie-dense and carb heavy foods that cause blood sugar spikes and impermissible to diabetics. Hardly do you see low calorie or low GI food options available at the Christmas table.

Hardly fair to our diabetic friends, is it? Diabetes patients deserve to indulge during the festive season too!

This year, make your Christmas spread more inclusive by swapping out some traditional Christmas dishes with blood-sugar friendly low GI alternatives instead!

Swap Regular Turkey For Vegan Turkey

Instead of regular turkey, consider putting together a vegan turkey instead! Food blog It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken’s vegan turkey recipe incorporates ingredients like tofu, white miso and nutritional yeast to create a dish that is both healthy and delicious.

If you’re looking for the perfect festive centrepiece for your dining table, this is it! Visually, there’s hardly a difference between this blood-sugar friendly vegan turkey and regular turkey so your omnivorous friends would be none the wiser!

Opt for blood-sugar friendly starch-less noodles instead of heavy starch-based pastas

If you’re a fan of carb-heavy pastas, this one’s for you. This Christmas, instead of your usual starch-based pasta noodles, try incorporating W0W® into your dishes instead.

For a festive spin on W0W®, try the diabetic-friendly Colourful Christmas Cream W0W® Pasta by Emmanuel Stroobant! This special recipe was developed by our resident Brand Ambassador and Two-Star Michelin Star Chef, Emmanuel Stroobant — so its taste assured! The cream sauce perfectly coats the blood-sugar friendly W0W®, and blends well with the noodle’s naturally unique neutral flavour.

Alternatively, liven things up with a bowl of our equally vibrant Rainbow W0W®. Also developed by our Brand Ambassador and Two-Star Michelin Star Chef, Emmanuel Stroobant, our Rainbow W0W® is a healthier rendition of a noodle salad. Perfect for those looking for a more refreshing alternative to a traditional noodle dish.

P.S. This is a low GI dish. The high vegetable and fibre content in the dish helps ensure that there will be little to no blood sugar spike after consumption. The low calorie content makes it a great option for those looking to control their weight too!

P.S. it’s even better with our limited edition W0W® Angel Hair

Between now till the end of the year, our limited edition W0W® Angel Hair is available for purchase to all! Featuring a thinner, denser texture, our W0W® Angel Hair has a better slurp and is almost the same as our local favourite, mee kia. Grab it while you still can!

More details: here

Warm Up with Roasted Barley Tea instead of Hot Chocolate

The all-time favourite Christmas drink has always been a cup of piping hot chocolate, topped with marshmallows and a hefty dose of sugar. Great to have while snuggling up under the sheets with a festive film playing. Delicious? Heck yes! Healthy? Not exactly.

This year, consider serving up some hot roasted barley tea instead. Known as Boricha in Korea, Da Mai Cha in China, and Mugicha in Japan, roasted barley tea is a perfect diabetic-friendly hot drink alternative to hot chocolate.

Roast barley tea is also a great source of antioxidants which helps in preventing cancer, heart attacks, and other diseases. Its high melatonin content also makes it a great drink to have before bed as melatonin is an effective sleep aid!

Most of all, roast barley tea has a nutty and a naturally sweet flavour profile so it’s great to have without added sugars or flavouring — so it has a low calorie count and is blood-sugar friendly as well!

Happy Holidays and cheers to a healthy, diabetic-friendly Christmas! See you next year.

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