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Food as Medicine?

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Food is a form of sustenance. At the most fundamental level, it serves as a building block for health – what you choose to put into your body has a profound effect on your overall health. Today, let us delve deeper into this connection and explore the potential of food as a form of medicine!

As the famous proverbial goes ‘You are what you eat’, Adelle Davis [P1] (a leading spokesperson for the organic food movement – an American author and nutritionist in the mid-20th century) famously attributed her bone cancer diagnosis to the junk food that she had eaten.

In the same way that food is known to influence disease risk, Adelle Davis also contended that ‘almost any disease could be prevented by proper diet’. While some food may be able to trigger certain health conditions, others can offer strong medicinal and protective qualities.

First and foremost, let's learn more about the basic concepts!

What do nutrients in food do?[P2] [P3]

  • Fiber: non-digestible complex carbohydrates found in a wide variety of whole foods. Stabilise blood sugar, regulate bowel movements, benefit healthy gut bacteria, increase satiety, and promote healthy cholesterol

  • Protein: chains of amino acids – create antibodies, maintain blood pH, provide structure, create enzymes, act as hormones, aid cellular growth, balance fluids, transport nutrients, and provide energy

Recognising these nutritional value, we introduce to you W0W® noodles – a 0 starch, 0 blood sugar spike, 0 waste, protein, and high-fiber noodle, specially formulated for diabetic patients! Providing an Asian staple food that meets the protein and fiber needs without the blood sugar elevation associated with starch, W0W® noodles is the ONLY functional food with 0 blood sugar spike. This ultimately gives more allowance for indulgence in other sides and condiments in your diet!

Scientific validation: Singapore’s KosmodeHealth confirms upcycled noodles’ zero-GI benefits[P4]

Studies conducted by Temasek Polytechnic’s Glycaemic Index Research Unit on a total of 15 participants, were used to compare the Glycaemic Response (GR) values of regular yellow noodles and W0W® noodles. Yellow noodles in question are a common starch staple in the Asian diet.

As evident from the graph above, the study had confirmed that W0W® noodle consumption caused barely any increase in blood sugar – an average of less than 0.5mmol/L increase over an astounding 2-hour duration! This is a 94% lower glycaemic response compared to regular noodles.

On top of the negligible blood sugar spike post-consumption of W0W® noodles, the study also tested the perceived hunger and satiety response using the Visual Analog Scale (VAS) in the 15 subjects. The final results found no significant difference between yellow noodles and W0W® noodles. The overall palatability rating was also similar. This implied that the consumption of W0W® noodles is beneficial to diabetics, without an expense on its taste!

About W0W® noodles

W0W® noodles, spelled with a ‘0’ is the only 0 starch, 0 blood sugar spike, 0 waste functional food that contains high fiber and protein. Its based ingredient is barley protein and fiber upcycled from BSG (Barley Spent Grains), a waste-stream of beer and malt production currently used as animal feed and plant fertilisers. It is a clean label, circular free fresh noodles formulated to ‘Empower Health and Restore Pleasure’ for diabetes patients, while being ‘Good for the earth and Good for the people’!

Reaping the FULL benefits of W0W® noodles

''Food as Medicine'' is most definitely not a new concept!

From as dated as 400BC, Hippocrates’ teachings and ideologies[P5] had already acknowledged the importance of diet in maintaining and preventing diseases.

‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine by thy food’ – Hippocrates, ancient Greek physician and father of medicine

Even more so today, this concept has evolved to reinforce the importance of transitioning to a SUSTAINABLE diet rich in nutrients:

'Eat Your Food as your Medicine. Otherwise, you will have to Eat Medicines as your Food' – Dr. Michael Osae, Ghana Atomic Energy Comission[P6]

Conscious diet is not defined by a day of healthy eating – it is a lifestyle! In order to reap the full benefits of ‘’Food as Medicine’’, consistency is key!


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