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SICC Press Release in the US

Following our resounding success at the 2023 SICC Awards, KosmodeHealth Singapore proudly announces the next chapter of our journey—an impactful presence into the United States, marked by the recognition of our transformative collaboration. This is made possible with the help of you, the consumers and supporters, who never stop believing in us. 

W0W®noodle: Restoring Pleasure of Food Worldwide The product that contributed to our success is W0W®Noodle. A high-protein, high-fibre functional food that is clinically validated to have 0 Glycemic Response. Meaning, our product  has no impact on blood sugar level. This is a testament to our global innovation and a prime example of our conviction that staple foods can be elevated into the category of "Food is Medicine". To learn more about our processes, please view our earlier blog.

Our Cross-Border Collaborative Innovation When we consider our most recent accomplishment—transforming Spent Barley Grains into the ground-breaking W0W®noodle in partnership with Nestlé—we see that our blueprint is capable of global outreach for a variety of food processing waste that produce a multitude of functional food. Our dedication to eliminating food production waste, tackling food security, and adopting a circular production model is well-received not only in Singapore but also highly applicable in the United States. As such we are looking for fellow collaborators in expanding access to health from nature.

The Value of Effort Even though the process was difficult, this award highlights our commitment to the Singaporean market and on a global scale.  Therefore, we would appreciate your continuous support to our efforts by attending our offline events or simply by just following us on social media. 

A Global Community with You

We acknowledge that success is rarely a solo endeavour, and are appreciative of the advisors who shared their expertise in creating a story that had an international impact. However, it is your unwavering support that has allowed us to even have this opportunity. 

To learn more about the breadth of our contributions and worldwide journey, read the in-depth press release article. Partake in our Global Movement Today As we celebrate our victories, we will always remember the obstacles we overcame. This international voyage is a testament to our dedication to breaking down barriers, rising to the occasion, and coming out stronger. 

For up-to-date information, follow KosmodeHealth on our Instagram, Facebook & Linkedin. Together, we are the champions of sustainable approaches to food — food that is good for the people, good for the earth. 


For media inquiries, please contact: Chua Ming Rong

Marketing Executive, Kosmode Health Singapore Pte Ltd 



KosmodeHealth’s innovation in the valorisation of food processing waste-streams has been recognised by the following organisations:

  1. Obtained the Food Resource Valorisation Award 2021 from the National Environment Agency (NEA)

  2. Awarded under Most Sustainable & Most Transformational category from Singapore International Chamber of Commerce 2023

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