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Why spend Spent Barley Grains?

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Singapore generates >75,000 tonnes of SBG annually.

You might be thinking "If it's too much, why not work on reducing the waste?"

The problem is, as long as there's beer and malt production, SBG will always be produced.

Fortunately, this "waste" can be upvalued to provide protein and fibre for human nutrition instead of crowding up landfills. And the result of this upcycling by KosmodeHealth is none other than W0W® noodle – a 0 starch, 0 glycemic response, 0 waste high-fibre protein noodle specially formulated for those with blood sugar concerns!

By consuming upvalued spent barley grains, you're not only doing good for your own health, but you're doing good for the earth too :)

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